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This game is under constant development. Thus, this website will grow with the project.

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Machina Obscura is a pen & paper action RPG set in a steampunk world, which offers the players exceptionally much freedom of choice with the ever-present and truly modular system. The players can explore the enormous world together, immerse themselfes into the enthralling story and even influence it directly with their own decisions made in game.

You have found your way to the official website of the RPG project Machina Obscura. Here you can find ever updating information about the project and engage in the player community. This website will update regulary as production moves along, so make sure you come back every so often or join our community!


an introduction


Machina Obscura is set on Cyclus, a planet orbited by two moons. Cyclus does not have large masses of water, the continents are divided by the so called cloud seas. Flying islands and whole continents hover over the landmasses of the median planes, able to levitate by the powers of Orichalcum, a mineral that is capable of reversing gravity when exposed to some form of energy like electricity or heat.

Legends tell that the ancestors of the people of Cyclus had to leave behind their dying homeworld and travel into the endless voids of the Aether in search of a new home. After generations in the cold depths of space, they finally found Cyclus, the planet was then still covered with large oceans and a thriving fauna and flora. The ancestors took roots on Cyclus, subdued the world and founded a civilization of technological and cultural wonders. 

But their utopia was doomed for destruction. Soon enough, greed and lust for power led the ruling houses of the ancestors into a devastating all-out war against each other. Grand wars shook the planet in it's foundations and set the world on fire, ending the utopia and almost bringing them to their annihalation. Even today, the ramifications of these wars have an impact on the world.


The end of civilization however came not from within. Still struggling for survival in a ruined, post-war world, the survivors of the grand wars were struck with a far greater desaster.

Cyclus was struck by a devastating meteorite shower. One of the moons was hit and broke apart, causing massive tidal eruptions on the planet. Continents broke apart, and the sea floor ripped open. As the water of the oceans came into contact with the hot core of the planet, it was almost completely evaporated, creating the cloud seas and leaving behind a barren landscape where the mighty seas once roamed.


The civilization of the ancients, once so proud and prosper, lay in ashes.

The few survivors were thrown back into a stone age. All knowledge was lost, and the technology of the ancients changed into legends and myths. The people had to start anew, and it would not be for thousands of years until the age of industrialization was reached on Cyclus, the time in which Machina Obscura is set.

Now, an age of discovery and adventures has dawned. Mankind rediscovers its origins and tries to adapt the technology of the ancestors, found in archaeological digs, and creates new innovations and technological wonders.

What will you do, who will you become? How will you shape the world of MACHINA OBSCURA?

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